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Counsellor and Trauma Therapist

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Dr Joy Bampton

I have worked with people with a huge variety of difficulties. Anxiety, depression and low self esteem are issues that people can often present with and that I deal with regularly but these are often just symptoms of the damage done by earlier traumas, whether it be those that happened in adult life or those that occurred in childhood, such as sexual, physical or verbal abuse or neglect. I have a great deal of experience in working with survivors of childhood trauma.

In general terms, I am experienced in offering therapy to address the following difficulties (please note that these are general descriptions, if you are unsure about whether my skills would suit your difficulties, please give me a ring, text or email me to discuss this).

Self esteem, depression and anxiety.

PTSD (as a result of a single traumatic incident). This can often be fairly brief therapy.

Complex PTSD (multiple traumatic incidents such as childhood abuse, veterans, torture victims).

Bereavement, particularly unresolved grief.

Bullying, either in childhood or adulthood.

Phobias (dentists, needles, vomiting, insects, birds etc). Generally this is fairly brief therapy.

Addictions, including alcohol, food, self harm.

Relationship difficulties. I have a great deal of experience in helping people to learn the skills to ensure that their relationships are more satisfying, more joyful and run more smoothly.

Whatever difficulty you and I decide to work on, please rest assured that any therapeutic intervention I offer will always be backed up by extensive and robust research. I believe it is vital that a therapist keeps up to date with current research on what is effective and what isn’t and offers effective, evidence-based therapy to their clients. However, as I have said elsewhere, nothing will work unless you have a strong rapport with your therapist!